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Ms.  Allison  Armstrong
Art Teacher
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AMI WORK: Work to do just in case of inclement weather

3rd & 5th Period--Set up your 3 favorite items from your room. Draw a quick sketch of them from observation. There should be overlapping. Keep the tips for drawing from observation in mind (Trust your eyes not your brain, consider perspective, include overlapping, add detail, look at your subject just as much as you are looking at your paper)

2nd / 6th Period / 8th Period--Set a timer for 30 minutes. Make a sketch inspired by the word COLD. Include some shading. Medium up to you.

4th & 7th Period--On a piece of Paper, do the following:

  1. Find the name of a contemporary artist that inspires you (an artist that is living and working now) and write it down
  2. Write down the following information about the artist: Where are they from? What type of materials do they work with? What does their art look like?
  3. Why do you like their artwork? Write 3 sentences minimum.
  4. Do a little digging. Look at the artist's website. Look at their Instagram page. Look up interviews with the artist. Write down what the artist says that their artwork is about.