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Alternative Method of Instruction lessons  

Should school be cancelled due to weather or other emergency. these are the lessons for students to do in accordance to the AMI.

7th grade rotation Art- Create a line drawing of your dream food.  Please include textures, details, and fill the space.  Make sure and draw your food on a plate, bowl, container, etc.   This does not need to be color or shaded.  I am looking for your use of lines to create details.

8th grade rotation Art- What is your favorite activity to do on a snow day?  Draw a picture of your activity or take three photos of you enjoying that activity.  I will be looking for details and background.  No color on the drawing.  If you are choosing the photography option, make sure that your activity is plain to see in each of the three photos.  Email photos to

9th grade Semester Art-  Select an object from your kitchen and draw it from observation.  Use either Gesture or Contour lines in your drawing.  Fill the space with your object include details and shadow.  Be creative in the item you select.  Examples: wire whisk, can opener, etc


7th, 8th, and 9th Pre-AP Art You each have your sketch book and sketch list with you.  Work on the next sketch on your list.  These sketches are a part of your portfolio for this course.  Each sketch must be detailed and include the four C's of Art within the AP board guidelines.